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Transform your Body with Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Why Choose A Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage?

Some people respond better to deep pressure and need it to relax. Deep tissue massage (sometimes called therapeutic massage) is ideal for clients who want to create change in their body.  Cumulative stress builds up in the muscle over time. This is primarily due to common, long held postural positions often related to work.

Over time adhesions (commonly known as knots) form in the muscle tissue. This binding and stiffening of our tissue contributes to feeling tightness, sore muscles and eventually sometimes a loss in range of motion, and the body is taken out of balance.

Deep tissue massage is the most commonly chosen type of massage for athletic people. Professional sports players, long distance runners, golfers and exercise enthusiasts all benefit from deep tissue massage as it relieves the muscular tension caused by their activities, reduces their recovery time and enhances performance.

Deep tissue massage isn't only about the amount of pressure that's applied to the muscle, therapists carefully select which areas to focus on to achieve optimal results. The massage therapist will work with the client to find the right pressure to achieve release.

Some additional massage modalities often used in conjunction with deep tissue massage are Cupping and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage takes deep tissue massage to the next level with it's deep compressive strokes.

Regular therapeutic massage from the team at A + Massage Therapy can help restore balance to the body and reduce pain. When combined with specific stretches and strengthening, it can reset the body and help create and maintain new holding patterns.

What to expect at your first treatment.

Consider this your custom tailored massage. The pressure and body areas addressed are entirely up to you and the treatment plan is created together with your therapist. We begin with your health intake consult, which is the best time to discuss your health concerns and treatment goals. The therapist will leave while you get on the heated massage table and cover up with the cozy blanket. Your massage therapist will knock, enter the room and begin the massage. Throughout the treatment continue to tell your therapist about your pressure preferences in various body areas. The most tense muscles usually are sensitive and hurt the most, don't be afraid to ask for less pressure, or more pressure. We want your input because it helps us do our job better. We might be good at estimating pressure but we're not psychic and we want you to get the best treatment possible. The last 5 minutes of your time will be spent speaking with your therapist about recommended stretches and strengthening exercises to help you achieve your goals. Book with us at A+ Massage Therapy today and see how much better you can feel.

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