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Location and how to find us

Our clinic is located in Fort Richmond, minutes away from the University of Manitoba and the stadium, go bombers! We are right beside the Boston Pizza with free parking available. We have window painting to help you spot us for now. Our large sign is coming soon.


When you arrive to your treatment, please wait in the foyer and your therapist will be out shortly before your appointment to greet you and let you into the main part of the clinic. We keep our inside door locked to insure the safety of our guests and staff.

Clinic Policy

NO DIRECT BILLING- A+ Massage Therapy is NOT direct billing to insurance companies. Clients are expected to pay in full. Our Massage therapists are all registered massage therapists and will provide receipts you can submit to your insurance company. As we grow we may offer this service.

We reserve your appointment time just for you. Late cancellations often results in a loss of income for the massage therapist. To protect their ability to earn a predictable income we need to have A 24-hour notice of cancellation policy. Late cancellations after the 24 hour window will be charged a fee of 50% of the treatment cost. This fee will be  charged to your credit card or applied to your account. These fee's are not eligible for insurance reimbursement. If you are sick, an emergency or unforeseen circumstance arises please contact us immediately and will reschedule you at no charge. Please stay home if you are sick. Therapists may choose to send you home if you arrive sick.

Late arrival will reduce the length of your appointment that is billable to insurance. We will reduce your appointment time for insurance purposes and charge a separate late fee or 15.00 that is not covered by insurance.


Please complete your health intake form on-line. If you need help, forms can be completed during your appointment intake meeting. Appointments begin when the client enters the treatment room, consultation/assessment/aftercare instructions are industry standards, required by insurers and included in appointment times.


Therapists are to be treated with respect. Asking for Sexual favours, making rude or inappropriate comments related to race, gender, gender identity or sexuality will result in the immediate ending of the treatment, the client will still be required to pay for the service and insurance will not cover it. In cases of sexual solicitation the police may be contacted and the client will be blocked from booking at the clinic.

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